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Earplugs get worn in your ear canal and help protect your hearing. Custom earplugs help swimmers, hunters, musicians, and pilots, as well as those with loud snoring partners. Whatever your unique lifestyle, the hearing professionals at Professional Hearing & Balance Services in Reston, Virginia, offer the custom solutions that fit your needs. Call or make an appointment online today for help protecting your hearing for today and the future.

Ear Plugs Q & A


What is a custom earplug?

Custom earplugs, created in a laboratory, are made from molds of your ears. Made of acrylic or soft silicone, custom earplugs fit tightly in your ear canal and come equipped with a tube of lubricant that makes them more comfortable and easier to insert.


What are the advantages of custom earplugs?

Custom earplugs are comfortable, fit you perfectly, provide the desired amount of noise reduction and last between three to five years. Custom earplugs offer the only guarantee that you receive the hearing protection for which the plugs are rated.


Why are disposable earplugs not effective?

Designed to be used only one time, disposable or foam earplugs come pre-molded to work for anyone. However, ear canal shapes vary, and some fail to seal with a disposable earplug. It’s best to choose custom earplugs over the disposable versions for several reasons, including:

  • Interference with the ability to understand speech
  • Offer more noise reduction than is necessary, causing feelings of isolation
  • Affordability and reduced waste
  • Poor fit that leads to pain, headache, and fatigue

In some cases, disposable earplugs fail to work because the noises made when you speak vary significantly from the sounds of background noise, which means that your earplugs need to suppress more background noise than speech or music.


What are the most common earplugs?

The type and fit of your earplugs depend on the environment in which they are used. Not only is sound dynamic, but different frequencies call for different handling, and volume shouldn’t vary greatly under any circumstances. The most frequently requested earplugs include:

Hunters’ plugs

Shots fired from a gun register louder than a jet engine. Specially designed hunter’s earplugs utilize acoustic filters and amplify ambient noise, allowing you to hear your surroundings better and soften the sound of gunfire to protect your hearing. Hunters’ plugs use a valve that closes automatically when struck by a sound wave.

Musicians’ plugs

Due to constant exposure to sounds that often exceed safe decibel levels, musicians need earplugs that limit the amount of damaging noise and still allow the music to sound clear and natural. Musicians’ plugs reduce all sounds evenly while maintaining quality so that music and speech sound as close to the original as possible.

Musicians’ monitors

If you come into extended contact with loud sounds on a regular basis, you increase your odds of developing hearing loss. Musicians’ monitors provide noise reduction without affecting the clarity of music or speech.

If you’re in need of earplugs to help protect your hearing, call or make an appointment online today with the audiologist at Professional Hearing Aid Service in Reston, Virginia.