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The glands in your ears produce cerumen, or earwax, to lubricate your ear canals and keep dust and debris out. Although cerumen typically clears itself from your ears, blockages occur, especially if you wear earmolds or hearing aids, and such blockages may require removal. If you need cerumen removal, call or make an appointment online today with the audiologist at Professional Hearing & Balance Services in Reston, Virginia.

Cerumen Removal Q & A


When is cerumen removal required?

It’s best to undergo cerumen removal if you experience an earache, tinnitus, or notice a decrease in your ability to hear. Cerumen removal also helps relieve dizziness and ear pain. An ear wax build-up also makes it difficult for your doctor to see into your ear, making it difficult to diagnose ear issues.


How is cerumen removal performed?

The audiologist at Professional Hearing Aid Service provides two painless cerumen removal methods:

In office

If your earwax blockage is significant, the audiologist at Professional Hearing Aid Service removes it for you in their office through the use of either irrigation or curettage.

The most common method involves irrigation using carbamide peroxide medications. However, your audiologist could choose to use a long, curved tool known as a curette, along with suction, to remove cerumen from your ear canal.

At home

Sometimes the audiologist recommends you use an at-home earwax removal kit purchased either in the office or over the counter in most drug stores.

These kits generally contain a solution designed to soften your earwax, along with a small rubber bulb syringe. Your physician explains how much and how often to apply the liquid to your ear canals. Expect to feel bubbling and fizzing sensations.

It usually takes several days of using an at-home kit to completely clear earwax blockages from your ear. However, it’s best to speak with your hearing care provider before use ensure the product is safe for you to use.

Additionally, ear candles, advertised as a natural method to remove ear wax, don’t help and cause burns to your external ear and ear canal, as well as eardrum perforation.


How can you avoid the need for cerumen removal?

The best way to avoid the need for cerumen removal is not to stick anything into your ears to clean them.

Though many people use cotton swabs either to try and remove earwax or to dislodge a blockage, these instruments sometimes cause more problems by pushing the blockage further down into your ear canal, leading to even more damage to your ear.

Additionally, punctured eardrums and further wax compaction occur should you accidentally insert cotton swabs too far into your ear canal. Therefore, only use cotton swabs on the outer portions of your ear.

If an ear wax blockage is causing you problems, call or make an appointment online today at Professional Hearing Aid Service in Reston, Virginia, for cerumen removal.