Hearing Aids Overview


The hearing aid has undergone amazing improvement since the electronic revolution allowed the creation of small but powerful devices. Hearing aids are actually tiny computers today. They can sense changes in your hearing environment and adjust accordingly. They can connect wirelessly to your cell phone and other equipment.

Styles of Hearing Aids

Many hearing aids can fit entirely in the ear canal. Many can adjust volume automatically. Best of all, they can allow you to hear and understand speech in crowded, loud areas, from any direction. 

Here are the general styles of hearing aids:

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids have a power source behind the ear and an amplifier in the ear canal.
  • In-the-ear (ITE) devices have power and amp inside the ear canal. They can be invisible (or slightly visible) and have an earmold that sits in the outer ear.
  • A mini-BTE device has a small tube running to the ear canal; this has several variations depending on your needs for power and comfort.
  • Another variation combines BTE devices with earmolds.
  • Completely-in-the-ear devices are small and are nearly invisible. Not all patients can use a device this small for several reasons. 

These styles are available with many features and we offer the highest quality manufacturers at Professional Hearing Aid Service.

We also provide hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, and we carry all brands of rechargeable hearing aids manufactured. 

Hearing Aid Products and Accessories by Manufacturer


earVenture's mission is to deliver innovative resources and technology to all hearing professionals, so that they can employ the model of care of their choice to ensure an exceptional patient experience at an affordable price



Oticon offers the Opn™ rechargeable line that wirelessly connects to your cell phone and other accessories. The Opn is designed to give the wearer mobility and understanding in any noisy environment. The company’s ConnectClip accessory is a small attachment that helps connect to your phone.



The Virto™ B-Titanium hearing aid is a very small ITE device that uses a #10 battery and has a small push button for mode and volume changes. The CROS™ B-R is a rechargeable BTE unit that features better conversational hearing from any direction. The Naida™ B is a powerful BTE hearing aid that helps with high pitched sounds and overcoming noisy environments.



This company offers several styles that have the latest innovations. The LiNX 3D line includes sizes from tiny ITC to more powerful BTE items. Smart hearing technology offers better speech recognition from any angle and in noisy rooms. The ENZO² is built for those with severe and profound hearing loss. It connects to iPhones and other devices.



The Signia Silk Nx line is listed as the smallest ready-to-wear hearing aids. The ITE device is very small and color coded if you need one for each ear. Insio Nx is the smallest hearing aid with natural sound quality and fits in the ear canal. The Pure Charge&Go Nx rechargeable is a BTE hearing aid that connects wirelessly and provides better hearing of your own voice.



Starkey makes many styles of hearing aid and guarantees you will find one for your needs. They offer tinnitus reduction hearing aids, BTE, ITE, and accessories. Many devices are rechargeable and connect to cell phones. They have products made specifically for the iPhone.



The Widex brand has a powerful solution to your hearing problems. Evoke™ BTE hearing aids are listed as the first smart device, adjusting your hearing as you move around a crowded room or go from quiet to noisy spaces. A sound analyzer and controller work to keep you hearing better all day. The Widex BEYOND™ is made for the iPhone and the tiny CUSTOM ITE unit will help your hearing while being nearly invisible.


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